I am an advocate of free speech and I exercise that right frequently and often. It is the only exercise which I seem to be able to stick with. I will report on events and share that information. I will provide information, context and history on items discussed in the various meetings I attend in Storey County from a perspective not typically reported on by the existing papers. The blog will contain summaries of the meetings I attend along with source documents of those meetings and my opinion. If you attend a meeting and would like to publish a summary of it send it to me.

I ,along with most of the rest of us, use both the right (creative) and left (analytic) side of my brain and I needed an outlet for both so that’s one of the reasons why I started the blog….for my own amusement and yours.

 The Blog will also occasionally contain random thoughts not very logical or analytic. Silly (right brain) things that occur to me while I’m in lines, staring at the cereal aisle, driving to Utah on 80, watching someone else’s vacation pictures…you know……flying tangents as I call them. Epiphanies and confessions but without the filter. I apologize in advance to my friends who might be the occasional subjects of these writings…

The layout of the blog is:

SO WHATS GOING ON the main part of the blog where meeting summaries and opinion pieces will be. If you want to submit an article about news you feel people need to know about send it to me. If you don't want your name published I'll publish it under "submitted story"

TMI which is where I will express my flying tangents …I hope you will be able to relate to them.

COMMUNITY VOICES is where you can post your opinion…just send it to me.

HELP YOUR NEIGHBOR is where if you or someone you know needs help with something…just send it to me ….you can post it there. Hopefully it can help.

I reserve the right to decline to post submitted articles or opinion pieces.


If you are offended by anything on this blog, don’t blame me. Remember you’re the one who decided to read it…. immediately avert your gaze and just back away from the blog.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
Edmund Burke